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Rosario: +54-341–5270312
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Mendoza: +54-261-4058309
España: +34-917610946
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Suppliers of Internet phone Systems (VoIP) in Argentina

CALL-IP offers the latest in integrated and economical Internet phone systems in Argentina (VOIP) with savings of more than 80% on telephone calls. CALL-IP efficiently uses your broadband connection to make high quality low cost telephone calls. CALL-IP offers the best interconnectivity and long distance service in Argentina.

Combining the latest Internet telephone technologies in Argentina (VOIP) and the growth of broadband connections, CALL-IP allows you to be interconnected at the lowest cost and with the best connection quality. As suppliers of Internet phone systems (VOIP), CALL-IP puts at your service the perfect solution for your National and International communications.

Service Characteristics

  • Integration and interconnection of your personnel with clients and suppliers.
  • Portability to any place in the world thanks to our Soft phone.
  • Virtual phone Numbers of Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Europe, Canada or the United States. See Complete Listing.
  • 3-way Conference Calls.
  • Call Transfer.
  • On-Line account Administration.
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